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MicroSorb International, LLC

Environmental Bioremediation Products and Engineering Services

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PAHs etc.)
  • Lubricants (non-synthetic)
  • Chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE, etc)
  • Organic herbicides and pesticides
  • Dispersants, surfactants
  • Grease Traps / Lift Stations
  • Sewage / Septic Waste
  • Animal waste / Ammonia
  • ​Pulp by-products
  • ​And more...
Both academic studies and real world application have proven that our microbes break down harmful compounds, even the difficult-to- remove PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.) 

Our Advantages


MicroSorb is a leader in site restoration - once contaminated waters, ground and wetlands are quickly restored to safe and productive environments.

In 2010, in response to the Deep Water Horizon spill, one of the most thorough studies on the effectiveness of bioremediation agents was completed by Dr. Ralph Portier, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University. The BP Biochem Strike Team contracted Dr. Portier to test the eight microbial products listed on the the National Oil and hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan Product Schedule (NCPPS). The MicroSorb consortium of microbes was the only product that degraded components over 98% in all categories. Of particular importance was the reduction of PAHs, an especially pervasive compound that is not broken down by naturally occurring microbes. Microsorb was the only product to reduce PAH levels by 98.5%

Contains a consortium of microbes specifically cultivated to quickly convert a wide range of potentially harmful organic compound to harmless essential fatty acids, CO2 and water.

100% naturally occurring microbes -never genetically modified.

Non-pathogenic and non-toxic.

Easily activated by either salt water, brine or fresh water.

Easily applied. MicroSorb® will work with you to determine the best application method.

Fast Acting. Third party testing shows a 98% reduction in potentially harmful organic compounds in as little as 24 hours.

spill control & response toolkit

Just as no system in nature works in isolation, our products should be considered an essential addition to traditional clean-up methods. By ridding toxic wastes at the molecular level the balance, health and vitality of the land and waters is truly restored.
Ships dry to reduce transit costs.

Can reduce or eliminate costly disposal fees.

Reduces volatility of high-vapor liquid organic compounds such as petroleum hydrocarbons.

Immediately usable - no mixing or waiting for product to activate.

Five year shelf life.

Neither humans nor wildlife are adversely affected by the use of our products. In fact, by-products produced by these microbes are used as a food source by other organisms.

Bioremediation Oil Spills

Tested as best

Microbes are nature's recyclers. They have been working for millions of years to keep balance in our ecosystems. Bioremediation refers to any process employing microorganisms to return a natural environment contaminated by pollutants back to its original condition. MicroSorb applies these naturally occuring, non-pathogenic, non-toxic, hydrocarbon-degrading microbes to spills to accelerate biodegradation and minimize toxicity.

Benefits of Bioremediation

Effective on

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