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Applying this knowledge to a wide variety of industrial and environmental settings

Archaea are hardy, broad-spectrum beneficial microbes that occur naturally on the earth to break down organic waste and contamination in order to restore health to the environment. By cultivating and applying our consortium of archaea to your waste or contamination we are giving a strategic and much needed boost to an already established natural process. As a result we provide the most effective solution available, and without the  collateral damage of chemical alternatives.

MicroSorb’s archaea-based beneficial microbe consortium is a green technology that works efficiently and cost-effectively. Its easy application and proven results make it an ideal solution for improving the processes at waste water treatment plants, and remediation of hydrocarbon-based contamination including sewage, industrial waste, oil spills, and the noxious odors that accompany them.

Nature figured it out billions of years ago.

MicroSorb provides the most experienced engineering team and the best performing bioremediation product on the EPAs National Contingency Plan Product Schedule

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 just makes sense.

Clean Water. Clean Soil.

Treating wastewater and restoring contaminated water and soil with archaea beneficial microbes