MicroSorb provides the best performing bioremediation product on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan Product Schedule (NCPPS), and an engineering team with decades of application experience and success.

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About Us

Providing integrative solutions to engineering and environmental problems requires expertise in a variety of disciplines. MicroSorb uses an in-house team of chemical, civil and mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, hydro-geologists, ecologists, hazardous materials managers, field technicians, surveyors, draftsmen, business and regulatory specialists to provide case-specific solutions to unique client problems. We also outsource additional expertise or specialties as needed. Our number one goal is to provide a customized successful solution for every client.

We work all over the world. Our home base is in Scituate, MA, 23 miles southeast of Boston. The rocky coastline, the sandy beaches and the green forests where the Quonahassit Natives once roamed compliment the urban culture and the research and academia that makes Boston a hub of technology and innovation. 

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