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Clean and Odor-free Bilges and Holding Tanks

MicroSorb provides the best performing bioremediation product on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan Product Schedule (NCPPS), and an engineering team with decades of application experience and success.

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For Bilges:

Our MicroSorb ER can be applied on the  surface of the bilge water and on the sides and crevices of the bilge. The ER will eliminate the sheens and odors quickly and will remain active for about 3 months.

Our Large Boat Bilge Pad is a patented pad embedded with beneficial microbes. The oil is absorbed while the microbes are continuously breaking down oil contaminants at the molecular level, resulting in a truly cleaner, odor-free bilge. 

For Holding Tanks:

Eliminates Holding Tank Odors & Breaks Down Solids

Each tablet contains 60 billion archaea beneficial microbes and will treat all types and sizes of boat, RV, and septic tanks.The archaea consume the ammonia  and solid waste in the tank. In addition, the microbes help keep pump-out hoses and equipment free from struvite crystal blockage.

For Surface Clean-up

Our beneficial MicroSorb ER can be sprinkled on most any surface such as fiberglass, wood, concrete, and grass - anywhere there is a spill to remediate an oil leak or spill.

Troubleshooting Tips

The microbes require water to work. Therefore, there must be water in the bilge or water and urine in the holding tank to activate the microbes.

The ideal temperature range for the microbes to work most efficiently is between 40°f and 110°f. If temperatures are out of this range bioremediation activity will slow down or cease altogether.

If there is an oil sheen greater than 1/32th inch thick or a continuing large leak of oil into the bilge, the microbes will not be able to keep up and eliminate this oil. You must first find and fix the source of the oil leak and use a physical absorbent to clean-up the majority of the spill. The microbes then will be able to ‘finish off the job’ of eliminating the harmful components at the molecular level so they don’t make their way into our waterways.

Once the microbes are in use, do not use any chemical solutions to clean the bilge or toilet. The microbes will keep the oil and odors in check, but if any further cleaning agents are needed for maintenance please choose natural, ‘green’ cleaners.

The pH of the area being treated should be in the 5.5. - 8.5. A simple pH testing strip from the drugstore will test for this.

The microbes also need air to thrive. Oxygen levels should be above 1ppm in the area being treated. For particularly stubborn odors in bilges you can add a simple battery-run aquarium tank bubbler to the bilge to kickstart microbial activity.