Our products are listed on the EPAs National Contingency Plan Product Schedule (NCPPS). 

After the Deep Water Horizon spill, BP contracted with Ralph J. Portier, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University (LSU) to test the efficacy of crude oil elimination by the bioremediation agents listed on the EPA’s NCPPS. Each product was also evaluated and compared to indigenous biodegradation occurring through indigenous microflora and micronutrients present in Gulf waters.

Result: The performance of the MicroSorb consortium outperformed every competitor on all metrics tested.

  • DRO was reduced by 99.8%
  • ORO reduced by 100%
  • TPH reduced by 99.8%
  • Alkanes reduced by 99.9%
  • PAH reduced by 98.5%. In fact, the MicroSorb consortium was the only known agent to significantly reduce (by 98.5%) the especially pervasive polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The average reduction in PAH levels achieved by the other 9 competing bioremediation products was 37.9% reduction. The second-best performer was only in the 70+% level

Other approvals for MicroSorb products include:

  • California's Department of Fish and Wildlife, Office of Spill Prevention and Response (CDFW OSPR) License for Oil Spill Cleanup Agent
  • European Union approval for use by the Dipartimento Di Biotecnologie Agrarie Padova
  • Massachusetts Water Resource Authority approval for use in discharge waters in the city of Boston
  • Mississippi Department of Marine Resources approval for use in the State of Mississippi
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection approval for subsurface use in the State of Florida
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection approval for use in septic systems in the State of Massachusetts
  • State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approval for in the State of Michigan.
  • United States Coast Guard R&D Center (USCG RDC) approval for consideration for BP's Deepwater Horizon spill response.
  • USCG (U.S. Coast Guard) used MicroSorb for a Gulf of Mexico spill and a Galveston Bay spill.
  • Massachusetts Turnpike Authority approval for use in spill response.
  • Used by Japanese authorities in the Sea of Japan in 1997 after Nakhodka Spill.
  • State of Texas authorized the use MicroSorb microbes to treat a heavy oil spill in Galveston Bay.
  • Application generally with regulatory approval in the states of MA, NJ, PA, NY, CT, IN, NC, GA and more.​

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