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For Bilges:

Our MicroSorb ER can be applied on the  surface of the bilge water and on the sides and crevices of the bilge. The ER will eliminate the sheens and odors quickly and will remain active for about 3 months.

Our Large Boat Bilge Pad is a patented pad embedded with beneficial microbes. The oil is absorbed while the microbes are continuously breaking down oil contaminants at the molecular level, resulting in a truly cleaner, odor-free bilge. 

For Holding Tanks:

Eliminates Holding Tank Odors & Breaks Down Solids

Each tablet contains 60 billion archaea beneficial microbes and will treat all types and sizes of boat, RV, and septic tanks.The archaea consume the ammonia  and solid waste in the tank. In addition, the microbes help keep pump-out hoses and equipment free from struvite crystal blockage.

Clean and Odor-free Bilges and Holding Tanks